Did You Know?

A Vitamin B12 deficiency may result in anaemia. 8

Once you have decided on your goal, how you do get there?

A great method is following what is called backward planning, a method used by the military. Here’s how it works:

  • Have a clearly defined goal with a clearly defined outcome — you should be able to visualise what it looks like when you’ve accomplished the outcome.
  • What is the last thing you’ll need to do to achieve that outcome? If your goal is to publish a novel, for example, the last thing you’ll need to do (before the publisher does the layout and design, printing, marketing, etc.) is edit and submit the final draft.
  • What is the thing you’ll need to do just before that step? In the above example, you might want to get an outside editor to review your draft and give you criticisms and suggestions and edits.
  • What is the thing you’ll need to do before that step? In the example, you’d need to do a revised draft to submit to your editor.
  • And so on, until you get to the first step. The first step is what you need to focus on. In our example, you might have “brainstorm novel ideas” as your first step.

Health Hack Tip

Pre-prepare meals and snacks on a Sunday evening

You’ll save time and energy not having to think about what to eat throughout the week, and it’s an easy way to eat healthily without even trying.